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Discover Izamal: The Yellow City

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Adult Ages 3+
Infant Ages 0-2

Visit the city of three cultures

In this city, called the city of three cultures, vestiges of pre-Hispanic past, colonial times and contemporary life are combined. Among its attractions are five pyramids, the most important Kinich Kakmo. Visit the Ex-Convent of San Antonio de Padua, another of the main sites of interest, built with the stones of a Mayan construction in which it is located. Stroll through its streets and admire its yellow-painted buildings. In addition, stroll through its cobbled streets by buggy, a horse-drawn carriage.

This colonial city is known as “the city of three cultures”, because it combines characteristics of its pre-Hispanic past, the colonial period and the current era. It is located 1 hour from Merida and many tour operators include it on their route to Chichen Itza.

Its name is due to Zamna, “dew of heaven”, a character of singular wisdom and mythical origin considered an instructor and teacher of the Maya.

Izamal is a beautiful colonial city founded in the middle of the sixteenth century on the remains of an ancient Mayan city; Its most important construction, the Conventual Assembly of Our Lady of Izamal, was built on the ruins of a Mayan shrine called Pap-hol-chac.