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Discover Puuc Route and Loltun Caves

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Adults Ages 3+

Walk the Puuc Route learning about the Mayan civilization

The Puuc Route is considered a Mayan treasure in the southern state of Yucatan. To know this route is a journey to the era of the greatest stone sculptors.

Puuc in the Mayan language means hill and is the highest region of the Yucatan Peninsula, only a few tens of meters. The Puuc Route is an area that covers the southern state of Yucatan and northern Campeche, a large number of archaeological sites have been found here, some of which are being restored and can be visited, while many others are badly damaged by the inevitable passage of time and advancement of the jungle.

The Puuc route has been regarded as the home of the true Maya, this means that developed and evolved with its own culture; although in the last stage and as was most of the territory of Yucatan, this area was influenced by civilizations of central Mexico, to a lesser degree compared to other regions. Most sites are in the jungle, so the lush vegetation and the typical fauna have become part of them, giving a rustic and natural look.